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The first rule in effective communications is “SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND…THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD!”  Many salespeople still start off their presentations with  “Well Mr. And Mrs. Seller, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my company.”   Instead, try it this way:      “Well Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I’m sure you’ve given a lot of thought to the sale of your house. Why don’t you share with me some of your concerns, thoughts and what you are looking for in a sales professional?”  This way you will be concentrating your presentation on what is important to them and be more persuasive. Your presentation should be focused on quality and not quantity of words. Let them know that their concerns are your concerns, rather than just going through a brag session.  Remember, it is more important to be INTERESTED rather than INTERESTING!  


 Don’t fear objections, welcome them! Objections are really an opportunity to sell.  Not all “so called objections” are really objections. They can often merely be concerns or questions that are easily answered.

As a professional, you know that you can do a great job for the listing prospects, yet we often go in a defensive mode when dealt an objection. Instead of defending your position, you should instead try to get the prospect to question THEIR position. For example; if a listing prospect says to you, Other agents told me they were willing to lower their commission.”   don’t defend your position by telling them how much better you are, because the prospect won’t always buy into it.  Instead, make them question their position with something like this:  “Mr. Smith, do you really want to hire an agent who is so willing to give up their OWN money so easy to now work for you to negotiate for YOUR money?  How skilled do you think they can be to justify your price to a buyer if they can’t even justify their price to you? Instead of taking the weak approach of paying a little less and perhaps selling for a lot less, don’t you think it would be better to take the strong approach of paying a little more and selling for a higher price with a strong agent and thus netting more money in your pocket?”  


How much money has it cost you so far in your career because you had a fear of rejection? What you should fear is the lost opportunities and not the rejection of a homeowner!

Look at rejection this way. Kids can be cruel at times and if you are a parent you probably have (or will) experience a time when your little boy or girl comes home from school crying because the other kids either teased them or left them out of some activity. This form of rejection can really hurt a child. As their parent, we give them advice such as; “Don’t let them bother you, they’re just jealous” or “You’re a really smart and beautiful kid. Just try and make some new friends who you will get along with.”  We’re not going to allow our child to sulk and whine and mope around. We make them smile and feel good about themselves. As an adult we give advice to our children to stand proud and keep moving forward in the face of rejection. Yet, we often don’t take the same advice ourselves. We have one or two bad experiences where a homeowner says something we don’t want to hear and then we sulk, mope and avoid putting ourselves in that position again, even though we know it will benefit us. Could you imagine telling your child to avoid all other people and social situations because they risk rejection again? I don’t think so. Take some of your own advice and don’t let a few unkind words from some prospects to prevent you from greater success! Go make some calls or knock on a few doors TODAY!



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